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Product: Bioni Perform

Manufacturer: Bioni CS

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Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Paint



Bioni's core business is the development, production and marketing of coatings to enhance the walls, facades and roofs of all manner of buildings. We produce intelligent coatings meeting the highest standards of quality, adding real value to what our professional users do and benefiting our customers.

Based upon our steadily expanding body of proprietary knowledge and in combination with the latest scientific discoveries, in the field of nanotechnology in particular, we have been able to create functional coatings with exceptional properties and product characteristics.

The most important job that a facade coating performs is to protect the facade against the effects of the weather and the environment. Bioni Perform is a 100% purely acrylate facade coating possessing optimal moisture regulating properties; thanks to its carefully balanced combination of binders and fillers it protects the fabric of the building effectively and permanently from the effects of the climate and aggressive airborne materials.

In order to provide Bioni Perform with sustained protection from algae and moss, we have also added a compound of substances based on nano-silver which, combined with the optimum qualities of the painted surface in damp conditions, ensures that the build-up of micro-organisms is permanently made more difficult. Bioni Perform's multi-functionality and durability make it a genuine fašade all-rounder for optimum coating results and a wide variety of uses.