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Product: Nanofilm

Manufacturer: Nanofilm

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Product Sector: Information and Communications Technology → Electronics → Barrier Coatings



Nanocomposite ultra-protective barrier coating for optical storage.

The new generation of CDs and DVDs hold a higher density of data and are used in more sensitive equipment. Even minor disc damage can result in lost data. Nanofilm has developed a proprietary thin film that includes functionalized nanoparticles for significantly enhanced durability and protection.

Nanofilm's nanocomposite films are 3-5 microns thick, are compatible with polycarbonates and acrylics, and can be applied by various methods, including spin-coating, spraying and dip coating.

These films display the following characteristics:

* Permanent

* Ultra-durable

* Abrasion resistant

* Soil resistant

* Contaminant resistant

Nanofilm has partnered with companies in the field to develop custom coatings or to reformulate a manufacturer's existing coating to add new properties.