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Product: Nanofilm

Manufacturer: Nanofilm

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Product Sector: Precision Engineering → Coatings



Reactive self-assembling nanofilms for optics.

Protective coatings for ophthalmic lenses were Nanofilm's first products, on the market since 1989. These durable permanent coatings are less than 10 nanometers thick. They're more durable than conventional coatings because nanotechnology works at the molecular level to form long-lasting chemical bonds.

Nanofilm's optical coatings are used to protect fragile multi-layer inorganic anti-reflective coatings on ophthalmic lenses and precision optics, such as scopes and binoculars, as well as on bare glass. They form a new surface on lenses that is:

* Hydrophobic

* Soil resistant

* Contaminant resistant

* Contaminant releasing

* Non-stick

* Non-staining

Nanofilm's optical coatings are available in a variety of standard formulations to provide various characteristics, such as increased water repellency or ultra-smoothness. They can be applied through various methods, including vapor deposition and immersion. Nanofilm has also developed a hand-applicator for small projects. Nanofilm works with companies to develop optical nanocoatings to meet custom specifications.