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Product: NanoXray

Manufacturer: Nanobiotix

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Product Sector: Medical → Therapeutics → Radiotherapy



NanoXray, designed to resolve cancer therapy's biggest drawback: destruction of healthy tissue and its subsequent deleterious side effects when a high dose of X-ray is necessary.

The core of a nanoXray nanoparticle is an inactive and inert substance - not a drug - that can subsequently be activated in order to locally (intratumor) increase the dose of a standard X-ray, which is then expected to lead to higher efficiency.

The core of the nanoXray platform is nbtxr3 - a dense, biocompatible nanoparticle, designed to infiltrate only the targeted tumor's cells.

One inside the tumor's cells, nbtxr3 nanoparticles have properties that convert incoming, standard X-ray radiation into an efficient emission of electrons responsible for the generation of free radicals. The use of a particle size within the nanometer scale improves the dispersion and the diffusion of the effect within the tumor cells.

After nanoXray nanoparticles accumulate in the target tissues, a standard X-ray is applied that is intended to generate a local therapeutic effect, designed to destroy only the targeted tumor cells.

This mechanism suggests total control of the intended therapeutic effect.