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Product: Verigene Nucleic Acid Test

Manufacturer: Nanosphere

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Product Sector: Medical → Diagnostics → Probe



The Verigene System, is a benchtop molecular diagnostics workstation that utilizes patented gold nanoparticle technology to detect nucleic acid and protein targets of interest for a variety of applications. From the outset, the Verigene System was designed with users in mind. The goal: make molecular diagnostic testing simple, accessible, and flexible, but still provide the high sensitivity, accuracy, and rapid multiplex target detection required by these applications.

At the core of each Verigene System are two laboratory instruments, the Verigene® Reader and the Verigene Processor, and single-use laboratory consumables, the Verigene Test Cartridges.

Nanoparticles, as used in Nanosphere's Verigene System and tests, are typically 13-20 nanometers in diameter.

The detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and similar DNA sequence variations plays an important role in the identification of individual's who are at risk for having an inherited genetic disorder or are at risk for passing on a disorder to offspring. In the area of genetics diagnostics, Nanosphere is using its patented gold nanoparticle probe technology to develop rapid, multiplex clinical tests for some of the most common inherited genetic disorders, including certain types of thrombophilia, alterations of folate metabolism, cystic fibrosis, and hereditary hemochromatosis.