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Product: NanoSphere

Manufacturer: Schoeller Technologies

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Product Sector: Textiles and Garments → Coatings



The leaves of certain plants always stay clean,because dirt cannot adhere to their finely-structured surfaces and is easily washed off by rain.

This natural non-stick and cleaning process, also known as the self-cleaning effect,is permanently transferred to the textile surface by means of nanotechnology. The result is NanoSphere - an ecologically clean textile finish,developed in accordance with the bluesignŽ standard.

The bluesign standard guarantees the highest possible exclusion of substances which are harmful to humans or the environment and promotes the economical use of resources in manufacturing.

The nanoparticles in the NanoSphereŽ finish form a fine structure on the textile surface (see illustration). Water or substances such as oil or ketchup simply run off the NanoSphereŽ surface, any residue can easily be rinsed off with a little water.

Textiles with NanoSphere require less frequent washing and can be washed at lower temperatures. This protects the environment and the fabric. The function of NanoSphereŽ is retained even after numerous washing or cleaning cycles

TCO thin film


High level of water resistance

On NanoSphereŽ textiles, water drops, e.g.when it is raining steadily, run off simply and reliably.

Naturally self-cleaning

Oil,dirt and dust do not adhere to the NanoSphere surface and can be rinsed off with water.

Durable protective function

Due to the extremely high level of abrasion resistance, the NanoSphere protective function is retained even with heavy-duty use, frequent washing or cleaning.

More advantages:

• Textiles require less frequent washing and can be washed at lower temperatures

• Look, feel and breathability are not affected

• Ecologically clean textile finish developed in accordance with the bluesign standard