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Product: Nanovations 3001

Manufacturer: Nanovations

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Product Sector: Construction → Concrete → Impregnation



The product has the ability to add properties to the bulk material, which makes the use of surface sealers in many cases unnecessary.

For decades, concrete surface sealer have been used, to add protective properties to concrete and masonry building material.

This costly and unreliable procedure will be a thing of the past with the new product 3001 supplied by Nanovations Pty Ltd.

Instead of being applied to the surface only, 3001 becomes permanent part of the complete concrete.

The bulk impregnation for complete concrete parts, pavers and masonry or roof tiles can?t be worn off like surface treatments and therefore requires no re-application.

3001 is able to creates a concrete with significant reduced water absorption, moos and algae resistance, significant reduced efflorescence and frost/thawing resistance. Surface abrasion and high traffic which usually wears of any sealer will not affect the treatment and the long term function.

Nanovations 3001 is the first product of it's kind which can be simply added to the mix in any manufacturing process, without any changes to the production line.

Concrete and masonry manufactured with 3001 shows a complete prevention of efflorescence, salt resistance and significant reduced algae and moss appearance. The product reduces the ability of masonry to stain and protect coloured concrete products from unattractive discolorations.

Rising damp is significantly reduced so that paint bubbling and lifting of exposed coatings can be prevented. Pavers in costal areas or used for pool surroundings will last much longer without the usual salt and chlorine damages.