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  • Katja Krüger,RAS AG
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    Single element nanoparticles

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    silver - Ag

    Purity (%)
    99 %




    agpure® W10 is an aqueous silver nanoparticle dispersion for the antimicrobial functionalization of surfaces and bulk materials. Due to the high surface to volume ratio of nanoparticles only low levels of metallic silver are necessary for a high and long lasting antimicrobial performance. The biocidal effect of agpure® W10 is based on the controlled release of silver ions.
    agpure® W10 is highly recommended for aqueous or water tolerant products as well as for solid products with tolerance for aqueous additives. For other product forms special agpure® types are available. Please ask our experts.

    Non sensitizing, permanent active fungicidal paints, coatings, polymers and plaster.
    Antibacterial resins and silicones, varnishes, coatings and materials in hygienic applications in medicine, agriculture, food-processing and -handling, water treatment, air ducts, public areas and in the sanitary sector.
    Sealings, sealants and piping that are resistant against microbial settling.
    Coatings for packaging paper and polymers.
    Medical coatings of implants, bone cement and antiseptic wound covers.
    Antimicrobial glass or ceramic equipment.
    Antimicrobial treatments in agriculture, food processing and infection control areas.

    Products properly equipped with antimicrobial agpure® W10 are non-toxic to humans and animals.
    In contrast to other biocides agpure® W10 is non sensitizing and non allergic to humans in skin contact.
    Due to the slow and controlled release of biocidal silver-ions from agpure® W10 the antimicrobial effect is persistent. Products containing agpure® W10 can be protected against microbial soiling for a lifetime without being toxic to humans or the environment.
    agpure® W10 exhibits strong activity against all gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Its activity is unaffected by antibiotic-resistance of strains, yeast and fungi. So agpure® W10 is a valuable mean fighting multiresistent germs in hospitals, surgeries, agriculture and in food processing.
    agpure® W10 itself does not induce or propagate bacterial resistance.
    agpure® W10 silver nanoparticles exhibit a yellow colour due to the plasmon effect. Please consider possible influences on product colour. For applications that are very sensitive for even slight colour changes there are special agpure® product forms available. Ask our experts.
    agpure® W10 is free of any inorganic fillers. It can be used for very small structures like microfibers or for very thin coatings.

    agpure® is official OECD (NM-300 K silver) and BAM standard reference material.
    CA-substance-no. 7440-22-4 “elementary silver (nanoform)”
    Negotiable according to european biocidal products regulation (BPR) Nr.528/2012, listed in article 95, annex II
    Applied BPR (N-73054) product types (PT)
    PT 2: disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals,
    PT 4: food and feed area, and
    PT 9: fibre, leather, rubber and polymerised materials preservatives.

  • RAS AG arose from the merger of rent a scientist GmbH and RAS materials GmbH. The main objective of RAS is to create product innovations together with its customers with outstanding new functionalities based on innovative material technologies.
    RAS supports the innovation process of its customers with everything that is necessary for a successful creation of a real product innovation:
    • broadly applicable nanomaterials developed and produced in-house,
    • scientific know-how in the field of chemistry, new materials, microbiology and physics,
    • chemical and microbiology laboratories, as well as appropriate test and analytical equipment,
    • method know-how with respect to brainstorming, concept development and scientific research,
    • know-how with respect to added value chains and markets in nearly all fields of the manufacturing industry,
    • an extensive scientific network to research institutes and technology clusters,
    • comprehensive know-how in public funding of R & D projects.
    As an example of the innovative nanomaterials that RAS has developed and produces itself, the nano-silver technologies AgPURE and ECOS can be cited. With these two technologies RAS builds on the two outstanding properties of silver: excellent antimicrobial properties, best electrical conductivity of all metals. Due to the particle size, the additives can be incorporated inexpensively into many matrices and almost all coatings.
    The involvement of RAS brings the customers and partners the critical advantages in technology and time which are necessary for a successful product innovation.
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