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New nanoparticles can perform gene-editing in the lungs

Using these RNA-delivery particles, researchers hope to develop new treatments for cystic fibrosis and other lung diseases.

Today, 15:40 UTC

First real-time glimpse into the growth habits of nanoparticles (w/video)

For the first time ever, researchers have watched the mesmerizing process of nanoparticles self-assembling into solid materials. In the stunning new videos, particles rain down, tumble along stairsteps and slide around before finally snapping into place to form a crystal's signature stacked layers.

Today, 15:31 UTC

Energy-efficient and customisable inorganic membranes for a cleaner future

A breakthrough in synthesis strategy enables the facile formulation of inorganic membranes that are not just energy-efficient but also highly customisable, potentially revolutionising the way many industries operate for greater sustainability.

Today, 14:44 UTC

BIGTUNA bioimaging tool helps researchers see small

Novel nano-optical technology tracks communications in living cells.

Today, 09:51 UTC

New RNA-based toolkit to regulate gene activity could advance regenerative medicine, gene therapy and biotechnology

Turning genes on and off as easily and predictably as flicking a switch could be a powerful tool in medicine and biotech. A type of technology called a riboswitch might be the key.

Today, 09:36 UTC

Coconuts and lemons enable a wood that stores heat and regulates indoor temperature

A building material that combines coconuts, lemons and modified wood could one day be enough to heat and cool your home. The three renewable sources provide the key components of a wood composite thermal battery.

Today, 09:28 UTC

Recycling of batteries: 70 percent of lithium recovered

A new recycling method recovers up to 70 percent of lithium from battery waste without corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, and prior sorting of materials.

Today, 08:10 UTC

Using nanodiamonds to create intracellular sensors

Optically trapped nanodiamonds could be used to measure temperature, magnetic fields and other properties inside living cells.

Today, 08:00 UTC

'Taffy galaxies' collide, leave behind bridge of star-forming material

A head-on collision between the two galaxies UGC 12914 (left) and UGC 12915 (right) 25-30 million years ago appears to have resulted in a different kind of structure - a bridge of highly turbulent material spanning the two galaxies. Though this intergalactic bridge is teeming with star-forming material, its turbulent nature is suppressing star formation.

Today, 07:52 UTC

How cosmic winds transform galactic environments

Much like how wind plays a key role in life on Earth by sweeping seeds, pollen and more from one place to another, galactic winds - high-powered streams of charged particles and gases - can change the chemical make-up of the host galaxies they form in, simply by blowing in a specific direction.

Today, 07:45 UTC

Can a solid be a superfluid? Engineering a novel supersolid state from layered 2D materials

Physicists predict that layered electronic 2D semiconductors can host a curious quantum phase of matter called the supersolid. This counterintuitive quantum material simultaneously forms a rigid crystal, and yet at the same time allows particles to flow without friction, with all the particles belonging to the same single quantum state.

Today, 07:36 UTC

Magnon-based computation could signal computing paradigm shift

A breakthrough in the field of magnonics allows researchers to send and store data using charge-free magnetic waves, rather than traditional electron flows. The discovery could solve the dilemma of energy-hungry computing technology in the age of big data.

March 29, 2023

From hyperconnectivity to AI: How can we tackle the environmental impact of the new Internet era?

A new research project aims to address the environmental consequences of digitalization and technological obsolescence by devising solutions that maximize the potential of wireless networks.

March 29, 2023

Discovery of a new topological phase could lead to exciting developments in nanotechnology

Researchers have discovered a new topological phase in a two-dimensional system, which could be used as a new platform for exploring topological physics in nanoscale devices.

March 29, 2023

Accelerating diabetic wound healing with innovative metal selenide ROS biocatalysts

Researchers have developed an effective nanomedicine for catalytic ROS-scavenging and ultrafast healing of inflammatory wounds. This groundbreaking work holds the potential to pave the way for developing artificial biocatalysts to treat chronic inflammatory diseases, ultimately improving the lives of millions of diabetic patients worldwide.

March 29, 2023

Revolutionary battery technology to boost EV range 10-fold or more

Researchers develop layering-charged, polymer-based stable high-capacity anode material.

March 29, 2023

New additives could turn concrete into an effective carbon sink

Engineers discover new carbonation pathways for creating more environmentally friendly concrete.

March 29, 2023

Nanoencapsulation strategy to protect bioactive compounds from food during digestion

Scientists combined substances extracted from fruit residues and egg white to package nanoparticles of anthocyanin, a plant pigment with antioxidant action.

March 29, 2023