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Nanowerk – The Nanotechnology Authority is the leading nanotechnology portal. We launched the website in December 2005. Since then, we have come a long way in realizing our goal of building a one-stop information portal for all things nanoscience and nanotechnology by:
  • offering the biggest selection of unique and top-quality editorial content – our Nanotechnology Spotlight series – as well as comprehensive daily news coverage;
  • compiling extensive directories – such as our Company & Labs Directory – that are highly relevant for visitors from industry, research and development and are unmatched by any other website;
  • building our unique Nanomaterial Database™ with thousands of nanoparticles, -fibers, -wires, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, fullerene and graphene;
  • our Product Catalog section, complementing our vast scientific information base with commercial product information on more than 2500 nanomaterials and instruments.
  • free value-add services like our nanoJOBS job listings and nanoDEGREE database.
  • Nanowerk is focused on nanosciences, nanotechnologies and other emerging technologies and attracts worldwide visitors from industry and academia alike.
    More recently, we have expanded our news coverage to other emerging technologies areas: cleantech, robotics, biotech, space, and tech gadgets.
    Nanowerk is easy to access – no registration or log-ins required – and easy to follow thanks to various newsfeeds. And everything is completely free of charge!

    Why Nanowerk is your best advertising choice

    1) Nanowerk is the leading nanotechnology information portal with more than 1.3 million annual visitors.
    2) Our high-quality science and business content is unmatched and highly relevant for a target audience involved in nanotechnologies, chemistry, material sciences and engineering, green technologies, biotechnologies, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, electronics, laboratory equipment, and all sectors involving state-of-the-art process technologies.
    3) Nanowerk’s news content goes far beyond just printing press releases. Unlike any other nanotechnology portal, we write our own editorial content – Nanowerk Spotlights – which has become popular reading material for your potential target audience and attracts exactly the kind of viewers that you want to address.
    4) Nanowerk content is frequently quoted and ranks high in Google News, assuring a constant stream of new visitors.
    5) The content on our more than 60,000 webpages is search engine optimized and we rank highly on all search engines for many nanotechnology-relevant keywords.
    See for yourself: Come visit the various sections of our website and compare the quality and depth of our nanoscience and nanotechnology content with that of other sites.
    If you already have an advertising budget and are now looking to find the sites that best target your audience, Nanowerk is your new, high-quality, target-specific choice!
    Increase sales leads and brand awareness among your target audience by taking advantage of the attractive presentation features and banner ads on Nanowerk.
    To request our Media Kit or to discuss special requirements, please email Michael Berger at michael @