Graphene Quiz

(14 questions to test your graphene IQ)

Question 1: What is graphene?
The name for a honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms
The name for a nanoscale cube of random atoms
The name for an invisible plastic membrane
The scientific name for the graphite in a 6B pencil
Question 2: Graphene consists...
entirely of carbon
of 80% carbon and 20% silicon
of 80% carbon, 10% silicon and 10% unidentified yet
of none of the above
Question 3: When and where was graphene first isolated in the lab?
1998 in Tokyo
2004 in Manchester
2007 in Houston
2010 in Stockholm
Question 4: When graphene was first isolated in the lab, what technology did the researchers use?
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Scotch tape
Hammer and chisel
Ultrasensitive planing and milling machine
Question 5: Graphene shot into the public awareness because...
In 2010, ground-breaking experiments with graphene were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics
In 2013, it became the first approved nanomaterial additive in baby milk formula
In 2015, a complete graphene coating made the Eiffel Tower corrosion-proof
In 2016, a UK freighter spilled tons of graphene flakes in Boston Harbor
Question 6: Which of its properties makes graphene such an amazing material?
Electron mobility
Mechanical strength
Thermal conductivity
All of the above
Question 7: Which of these carbon allotropes can be formed by graphene?
Carbon nanotube
Fullerene (buckyball)
All of the above
Question 8: Which country contributes to over two thirds of the 31,000 graphene patents filed by 2018?
Question 9: Graphene is a...
Zero-dimensional (0D) material
One-dimensional (1D) material
Two-dimensional (2D) material
Three-dimensional (3D) material
Question 10: A 1 mm thick graphite sheet contains about how many graphene monolayers?
Approximately 10
Exactly 179
Roughly 150,000
Approximately 3 million
Question 11: Graphene...
is more than 100 times stronger than steel
is about as stiff as diamond
has the highest electron mobility of all electronic materials
All of the above
Question 12: Thanks to graphene's high surface area, how much of it would you need to cover a football (i.e. soccer) field?
5.5 grams
784 grams
12.4 kg
There isn't enough graphene yet to do that
Question 13: What is the smallest atom that can pass through a sheet of defect-free, single-layer graphene?
Most atoms can pass
Not even the smallest atoms (helium, hydrogen) can pass
Question 14: The commercial production of graphene...
Hasn't begun yet
Is in various trial stages in several countries
Is already done by more than 100 companies worldwide
Has been prohibited by most governments