Slow News Friday Nanotechnologies Stories

On a lighter note - nanotechnology on the fringe. Here are some of the more funny, wacky, amusing, weird news stories from our news archive

nano toilet Nano Toilet
Welcome to the strage world of nanotechnology. This 'nano toilet' won the Most Bizarre prize at The 49th International Conference on Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication Bizarre/Beautiful Micrograph Contest.
nanotechnology spy coin Nanotechnology hysteria and the Royal Canadian Mint
This got to be one of our most favorite stories ever: An odd-looking Canadian coin with a bright red flower was the culprit behind a U.S. Defense Department false espionage warning earlier this year about mysterious coin-like objects with radio frequency transmitters.
Nanotechnology fishing lures Nanotechnology fishing lures attract four times more fish
Nanotechnology fishing lure increases the chance of catching fish by approximately 4.4 times.
nanotea The wacky world of nanotechnology consumer products
A brief journey through wacky nanotechnology consumer products - from foam condoms to nanotea.
The world's smallest book Nanotechnology as a futuristic sexual fetish for web-savvy weirdos?
A very funny commentary from Wired titled "Futuristic Sexual Fetishes for Web-Savvy Weirdos" – making the point that not all fetishes have been invented yet. Example: Nanotechnology fetish.
The world's smallest book The world's smallest book
Using nanotechnology to make a book you can't read - at 0.07 mm x 0.10 mm, "Teeny Ted from Turnip Town" is the smallest book ever.
aromatheraphy nanotechnology pencil Wake up and smell the aromatheraphy nanotechnology pencil
Wake up and smell the pencil lead, says Japanese stationery and writing instrument manufacturer Pentel, who has combined the power of nanotechnology with the knowledge of expert aromatherapists to develop a new type of fragrant pencil lead.
nanobots kill bacteria ...and then the nanobots kill the bacteria!
Sales guy explains how his company's nanobots kill bacteria. If you’re wondering why the general public seems to be misinformed about nanotechnology...
Nanotechnology engineered wine Are you ready for your nanotechnology engineered wine?
Are you ready for your programmable wine - maybe a pico-pinot or a nano-nebbiolo? Or want to take the red out of your red wine? Welcome to the world of nanofoods.
Nanotech Kids Carrot nanofibers to make snowboards and battleships
To be used in ways never imagined before, thanks to a discovery by two Scottish scientists who have found a way to convert carrots into an advanced material to make products from fishing rods to warships
Euro banknotes 100% contamination of Euro banknotes with nanoquantities of cocaine
An ongoing research project into the detection of illicit drug use has shown that of a sample of bank notes in current circulation in the greater Dublin area - €5, €10, €20 and €50 denominations - 100% of them showed contamination with cocaine.
Nanotechnology casino chips Covert nanotechnology security system for casino chips
A molecular barcode is a groundbreaking approach to counterfeit security protection through nanotechnology that is invisibly embedded within the molecular structure of a manufactured product - like casino chips.
Nanotechnology-inspired luggage line Wake up and smell the nano-coffee
"Nano Coffee Energy tablets are designed for today's on the go person looking for a healthy and powerful instant alternative to coffee, energy and sports drinks, giving you all the same benefits without the "crash", without the calories, and without the burn in your pocket."
Nanotechnology-inspired luggage line Truly golden nanotechnology for your face
Review of a face cream with gold nanoparticles –using "nanotechnology to safely deliver the power of pure gold". At $250 an ounce (28 grams)...
Nanotechnology meets accupuncture Nanotechnology meets accupuncture
A company markets "Needle Free Acupuncture Health Recovery Chips – patented composition silicon stone nanometer technology for treatment and recovery of various chronic pain and disease conditions."
The nanotechnology facelift that will shock you The nanotechnology facelift that will shock you
"To see immediate reversal of signs of ageing without undergoing painful treatments with risks and downtime, however minimal, is nothing short of a miracle!"
sunny landscape Oh nanotechnology! Water will never be the same
"This one was too good to pass over: in a widely circulated press release titled "Breakthrough Nanotechnology Delivers Safe, Nutrition-Packed Cellular Hydration", a company pitches its nutritional supplements that "provide natural relief for pain, strengthening of immune systems and more." And, of course, the secret that makes these wonderful things possible is NANOTECHNOLOGY!"
sunny landscape Nanotechnology creatures battling inside your computer
"Nanovor is a collectible battling monster game that features nanoscopic monsters and lots of green goo. Nanovor can be trained and evolved into more advanced monsters, expanding their power and speed to create more powerful attacks."