Posted: July 3, 2007

...and then the nanobots kill the bacteria!

(Nanowerk News) Science fiction? No. Satire? No. A serious TV news report? Yes!
George Elvin over at the Greentech Forum has found an amusing piece of nanotechnology reporting: There is an news story on the Central Florida News 13 website titled "Company Uses Nanotechnology To Kill Germs".
The story is about viruses and bacteria and why most disinfectants don't last very long. But fortunately there is a "nanotechnology" solution:
This is where Patrick O'Brien and AirTech Solutions 4U steps in. His company uses a nanotechnology solution on top of a disinfectant to lengthen the lifespan of the disinfectant.
“This is a green technology product. It's water delivered and it has little robots that are designed to be able to do this, and once we put it on a surface these little robots stay there and actually kill molecules as they come over the top. They actually puncture the molecules and it drains and it's no longer a problem,” O'Brien said.
If you go to CFNews 13's site you can even watch O'Brien say this on video.
As George Elvin writes: "If you’re wondering why the general public seems to be misinformed about nanotechnology..."
Source: CFNews 13, Greentech Forum