Nanotechnology Blogs

We try to keep this directory up to date by showing only active blogs and sites – which is not an easy task given the rate at which these blogs appear and die...

Fosters an open and candid discussion on nanomaterials and nanotechnologies and their implications of defense and national security of all countries, especially the U. S.
by Howard Lovy (unfortunately discontinued)
Chris Toepfer writes about products, papers and books on Medical Nanotechnology.
Particular is blogging about nanotechnology - and about nanoparticles, in particular - from a German perspective
Wolbring's posts on Nano, Bio, Info, Cogno, Synthetic bio
If you need someplace to relax after all these long hours in the lab...
by Richard Jones, Professor of Physics at the University of Sheffield, UK
A web site dedicated to Spintronics: 'Electronics' done with electron spin. With news, articles, forums and more.
A Spanish language nanotechnology portal with lots of news and links.