Posted: July 25, 2008

The nanotechnology facelift that will shock you

(Nanowerk News) Here is our Slow News Friday entry for this week - yet another health/wellness/cosmetics product that rides the nanotechnology hype. Here is the original press release, no comments necessary. By the way, it gets even better on their website's "Nano Perfector" section, where they waffle about "nanomedicine" and things like "nano-currents" – although the product description says it uses milliamps. The technology in question – MENS (Micro-current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation) – was developed over 20 years ago. Anyway, here it is:
Singapore Cosmetic Clinic Simply Aesthetic introduces nanotechnology rejuvenation into Aesthetic medical practice in Singapore. The Perfector mimics cellular communication, commanding age reversal and cellular regeneration.
"This is the technology that we have been dreaming about" says Dr Christine Cheng, Director of Simply Aesthetic. "To see immediate reversal of signs of ageing without undergoing painful treatments with risks and downtime, however minimal, is nothing short of a miracle!"
Developed by Gerry Pollock, the co-inventor of the first pacemaker, the Perfector generates nano-currents in a complex series of waveforms similar to the inherent biological communication system. The electrons discharged during the treatment neutralise the free radicals in the skin, and form an antioxidant defense against future free radical damage. Collagen and elastin production are enhanced, and the facial muscles are stimulated to contract to create a lift.
The Perfector is the only aesthetic device available to treat the ageing face at multiple levels from muscle upwards, without the requirement of trauma inherent in other treatment modalities.
The minute nano-currents have no sensation associated, yet significant lifting and sculpting can be seen after the first 30 minute session. Treatments should be done twice weekly until the desired result is achieved, then maintenance is every 1-2 months depending on lifestyle factors.
The Perfector can be used for lifting and sculpting, improving skin tone, treating acne, reducing eye bags & dark eye circles, as well as detoxification. It is suitable for all age groups, being useful for prevention as well as reversal of the ageing process.
Dr Cheng adds "Now we have the perfect solution for those in need for an effective treatment just before an important event, such as weddings and important functions."
Source: Simple Aesthetic