Posted: April 25, 2007

Nanotechnology as a futuristic sexual fetish for web-savvy weirdos?

(Nanowerk News) There is a very funny commentary posted on Wired Beta, titled "Futuristic Sexual Fetishes for Web-Savvy Weirdos" – making the point that not all fetishes have been invented yet.
One example: Nanotechnology fetish.
"Obviously, in the future nanotechnology will affect all aspects of human sexuality, giving us everything from self-peeling condoms to spermicidal linebackers. Having your sex life enhanced by billions of imperceptible molecular devices will be seen as completely normal. However, a few people will become attached to nanodevices on an individual level, fantasizing about one particular nanomachine, giving it a name and writing elaborate erotic fiction involving shrinking down to an atomic level and consummating their attachment to a firm but gentle microscopic lover. Suggested fetish nickname: One Nanite Stands."
Good thing they didn't make any Grey Goo jokes...
The other fetishes waiting to be developed: High-G; Alien; Hyperspace and AI.
Source: Wired