Posted: December 8, 2006

Covert nanotechnology security system for casino chips

(Nanowerk News) DataTraceDNA, referred to as a “molecular barcode”, is a groundbreaking approach to counterfeit security protection through nanotechnology that is invisibly embedded within the molecular structure of a manufactured product. The complexity of the barcode makes it extremely difficult to decipher, preventing counterfeiters from reproducing the authenticity code. DataTraceDNA technology is a Level 3 security system that is added during the manufacturing process. This creates an invisible, forensic marker only known to the brand owner that can be authenticated by logistics firms, customs border control, distributors, retailers, customers and audit teams. When the material is scanned by a portable digital Reader, the unique emission spectrum is detected and referenced to the onboard database which in turn displays a meaningful code such as “Casino X USD500.”
DatatraceDNA is a joint venture between the Australian company DataDot Technology and CSIRO, Australia’s government owned research and development organization.
The Las Vegas company VendingData, which develops products for the gaming industry, has announced that will incorporate the DataTraceDNA counterfeit protection into its gaming chip manufacturing process.
“The implementation of DataTraceDNA into gaming chips will allow casino operators a unique opportunity to manage forgery activities and enable authentication of the chip for its entire life span. The inclusion of this technology was critical in the decision made by Galaxy Casinos in Macau in their selection of VendingData’s Dolphin casino chip. This technology can be applied to any kind of chip or plaque, with or without RFID. In the case of the RFID casino chip, we are adding an additional layer of security. Should the RFID malfunction, whether due to electronic failure or tampering, the casino is still able to validate the chips authenticity,” commented Mark Newburg, CEO of VendingData Corporation. ”
DatatraceDNA consists of a group of molecules that can be integrated into the structural composition of most manufactured materials. When the material is illuminated under a special light frequency, a unique emission spectrum, similar to a fingerprint or DNA, is detected by a hand-held digital reader. In doing so, an individual marker invisible to the naked eye can be assigned to identify product authenticity.
As DatatraceDNA is bonded to a product's molecular structure, it is chemically inert, safe and strong enough to persist in any conditions. DatatraceDNA can be added to a wide range of materials to ensure product management, manufacturing process and logistics control, inventory management and control, quality assurance management and control, pollution control and for verifying the authenticity of products and materials.
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