Posted: February 16, 2007

Nanotechnology fishing lures attract four times more fish...

(Nanowerk News) Ok, it is a slow news Friday...
Major vacuum equipment manufacturer ULVAC, Inc. has developed a lure coated with a polyimide film with a thickness of several hundred nanometers. The nanotechnoloy coating ensures that the lure keeps shining regardless of the viewing angle.
"When exposed to the natural light, the lure gets more colorful than the existing lures as if the lure itself emits colors. It is attractive to fish and so using this lure can provide better fishing results," boasts an ULVAC spokesperson.
According to the company, surveys conducted by ULVAC and others showed that the chance of catching fish has increased sharply to approximately 4.4 times that by the previous lures attached with color stickers or painted. The new lure comes in two models weighing 2.4 and 3.7 g, both at $25 per piece. The product has been selling over the Internet under the brand name of "STROM" since last October.
The surface of the lure is colored and glossy-finished and then coated with a polyimide film with high light transmission formed by vapor deposition polymerization. The hue is determined by the effect of interference of light and adjusted based on the relation between the thickness of the polyimide film and the wavelength of light. The hue of the lure can be varied like the hologram depending on the angle from which it is seen. Further, it can be provided with a rainbow gradation by controlling the film forming conditions of the polyimide film. Better fishing results can be achieved with the use of a rainbow-colored lure.
The surveys by ULVAC et al. showed that when the lure is coated with a polyimide film so as to look pink and rainbow colored, the chance of catching fish can be raised to about 2.6 and 3 times, respectively, compared to the case where a lure without a polyimide coating is used.
It would be interesting to know if these lures attract more fish or humans...
Source: NikkeiBP