Posted: January 31, 2008

Truly golden nanotechnology for your face

(Nanowerk News) Here is what you have been waiting for all week - our Slow News Friday entry (on Thursday...). It's hard to make this stuff up, so here is the original text from a product review of a face cream 'using nanotechnology to safely deliver the power of pure gold.' At $250 an ounce (28 grams). Enjoy.
The product: Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream, $420 for 1.7 ounces. Available at Neiman Marcus.
Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream
Its promise: "A powerful, healing breakthrough, this extraordinary cream consistently replenishes skin's energy using nanotechnology to safely deliver the power of pure gold. By promoting cell metabolism and stimulation collagen production, skin retains optimal health and youthful vitality." Has 24-karat gold nano particles.
What the testers said:
Tester 1 — Other than the peculiar odor that hits you when you first apply this product, I'm sold on the Nano Gold Energizing Cream. The product's formula contains at least 70 ingredients, including various extracts (rosemary leaf, horse chestnut, algae, among others), pineapple juice, Shea butter, many flower oils (sunflower, jasmine) and acids such as benzoic, sorbic and citric and various other compounds that no doubt promote healthier, younger skin (why else use it?). But it's the gold ingredient or nano particles of 24-karat gold that makes it unique, and obviously, pricey. The cream blends in easily (within seconds the smell vanishes), but I also liked its putty-like consistency; it reminded me of caulking, and isn't that every repairman's quick fix?
Tester 2 — Ridiculously expensive is my first thought. Considering the hefty price tag, I was expecting some pretty lofty results, especially after using it for a week. Alas, I was disappointed. The smell is very odd when you first apply it, but it dissipates and turns into a soft, floral fragrance. I quickly discovered that a little goes a long way as the cream is very heavy and thick — my face felt suffocated. Also, I didn't like the tiny gold flecks that are left behind.
Tester 3 — I loved the way this product felt once it was on, and the glow of the little gold flecks. But I knew as I was applying it, it was going to be too thick for my combination (mostly oily) skin. The results were a mixed bag: I developed tiny bumps (which I call oil bumps) on the areas where my skin was especially oily. And on the dry areas, my skin looked really good. Overall, I don't think this cream is for me, especially considering the price. I've had much cheaper products work for my whole complexion.