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The Nanowerk Catalog is a service for manufacturers of nanomaterials, laboratory and analytical equipment, and all sectors involving state-of-the-art process technologies that operate at the micro- and nanoscales.

Suitable companies may apply for a free membership and include their company and product information in the Nanowerk Catalog.

The entire Nanowerk Catalog is freely accessible (no registration or login required) to visitors and potential buyers.

Please check the Help section to read about how the Catalog works.

If you need more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Preferred membership

This paid service provides you with these additional features:


– All of your products from the Catalog are shown in one place.

– Showcase additional items to what is already included in the Nanowerk Catalog. This could be for instance brochures, articles and application notes in PDF format, videos, and additional offerings.

Banner Ad

One 200px x 200px banner that displays on all public pages of the Nanowerk Catalog.

Preferred Listing

All your Catalog products are listed preferentially, i.e. before other vendors' products in search results and category listings.

Get your press releases published on Nanowerk

Your press releases will be published in the Nanowerk Business News section. The attractiveness of this feature is that it is not a banner advert, stays prominently on our homepage for a few days and also goes out in our daily email shot to thousands of subscribers, on our Twitter feed and our Facebook page.
Most importantly, thanks to our excellent Google ranking on many keywords, it gets indexed by Google and appears in search results according to the keywords in the article. The articles remain on Nanowerk permanently. .

Please see here for more details about memberships.

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