• Molten salt etching of multilayer Ti3C2 MXene

Molten salt etching of multilayer Ti3C2 MXene


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  • Molten salt etching of multilayer Ti3C2 MXene

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    Complex compound nanoparticles

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    Ti3C2 MXene

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    Ti3C2 MXene




    Name: Fluoride-free etching Ti3C2 Mxene
    Diameter: 5-10 microns
    Preparation method: high temperature etching method of molten salt
    Product performance: good conductive catalytic performance, no fluorine element, better electrochemical performance than liquid phase HF etching,
    Purity: 99%
    Storage conditions: dry at room temperature
    Application areas: energy storage, catalysis, analytical chemistry, mechanics, adsorption, biology, microelectronics, sensors, etc.

    The electrochemical storage capacity of the accordion-like Ti3C2Tx MXene in LiPF6 organic electrolyte is up to 738 C g-1 (205 mAh g-1) at 0.5 mV s-1 and has a 2.8 V (0.2 to 3 V vs. Li + / Li), which is the best pseudo-capacitor lithium storage performance of Ti3C2Tx MXene in organic electrolyte. The MXene has excellent cycle stability, and the capacity retention rate reaches 90% after 2,400 cycles. The above electrochemical tests show that the MXene electrode material prepared by the Lewis acid molten salt stripping strategy can achieve high capacity, high rate charge and discharge (<1 min) and large potential window (0.2–3V versus Li + / Li without subsequent single-piece stripping ) 'S excellent performance, which paved the way for the practical application of MXene in electrochemical energy storage systems (batteries and lithium ion capacitors).

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  • Beike 2D materials Co., Ltd. specializes in 2D nanomaterials technology companies specializing in MXenes and MAX phase materials, MOFs and COFs materials, and black phosphorus. The company has a number of doctors with overseas study experience and years of research experience in the domestic research team. It forms the core strength of the R&D team. It can conduct “private customized” research products according to customer needs, and timely solve problems encountered in trials for customers. problem.
    The company‘s existing products mainly include:
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    (4) graphene/graphene oxide/graphene-like carbon material;
    (5) preparing a two-dimensional material film or a heterojunction material by CVD;
    (6) AAO template materials, etc.
    In addition, the company provides the following services:
    (1) Nanomaterial customization services;
    (2) Material testing services;
    (3) Material simulation calculation service.
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