• Porous foam mxene V2C

Porous foam mxene V2C


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  • Porous foam mxene V2C

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    Complex compound nanoparticles

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    Mxene V2C

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    Mxene V2C




    Name: porous foam V2C Mxene
    CAS number: 12316-56-2
    Diameter: 2-5 microns
    Product performance: good conductive catalytic performance, rich in porosity, excellent electrochemical performance
    Purity: 99%
    Storage conditions: dry at room temperature
    Application areas: energy storage, catalysis, analytical chemistry, mechanics, adsorption, biology, microelectronics, sensors, etc.

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  • Beike 2D materials Co., Ltd. specializes in 2D nanomaterials technology companies specializing in MXenes and MAX phase materials, MOFs and COFs materials, and black phosphorus. The company has a number of doctors with overseas study experience and years of research experience in the domestic research team. It forms the core strength of the R&D team. It can conduct “private customized” research products according to customer needs, and timely solve problems encountered in trials for customers. problem.
    The company‘s existing products mainly include:
    (1) two-dimensional carbonitride MXenes and MAX materials;
    (2) metal organic framework compounds MOFs and metal organic complex COFs materials;
    (3) black phosphorus, graphene, and perovskite materials;
    (4) quantum dot solution, ionic liquid;
    (4) graphene/graphene oxide/graphene-like carbon material;
    (5) preparing a two-dimensional material film or a heterojunction material by CVD;
    (6) AAO template materials, etc.
    In addition, the company provides the following services:
    (1) Nanomaterial customization services;
    (2) Material testing services;
    (3) Material simulation calculation service.
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