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2-DTech is a graphene company closely aligned with Manchester's world-leading graphene group. The company supplies the highest quality graphene and other 2-D materials internationally. They also work closely with industry and researchers to help turn scientific innovation into groundbreaking products.
Manufactures a Light Curing Nano-Ionomer Restorative for dental fillings that is a paste/paste, resin-modified glass ionomer material based on bonded nanofiller technology (Ketac™ N100).
The activity of the company involves specifically tailoring adaptable magnetic sensors to meet a range of bespoke and industrial requirements, offering a choice of previously unmatched characterestic combinations that are essential to many industries and applications. The company's sensors rely, for their operation, on the concept of "Band Gap Engineering" as opposed to traditional semiconductor Hall effect sensors which rely on the "bulk" properties of the semiconductors.
AFE Technology Coatings (AFETC) is a developer and manufacturer of thin film based optical filters and coatings for use in a variety of precision optical applications. Specialising in high performance products AFETC supplies prototypes and OEM quantities of filters and coatings to industry leaders in the following market sectors: Defence and Aerospace, Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Laser, Medical, Displays.
The company supplies accessories and consumables in support of all forms of microscopy, including nanoparticles.
ANT has strategic focus in the research, development and manufacture of real time and near real time diagnostics to detect biochemical discharges in manufacturing and environmental situations. The company currently concentrates on the following biochemical detection systems: Enzymes, Dioxins, Estrogen Steroids.
Andor Technology develops and manufactures instruments for the global spectroscopy and scientific imaging markets.
ANTnano is a research, development and manufacturing company involved in the monitoring, sampling and analysis of biochemical discharges including: enzymes - estrogen - dioxins and furans.
Applied Graphene Materials has developed a proprietary bottom up process for the production of high specification graphene. Applied Graphene Materials owns the intellectual property and know-how behind this process. They provide dispersion and product integration expertise, to deliver solutions for a wide range of applications.
AML is a supplier to the international micro- and nanotechnology community with its unique in-situ aligned bonding machines and services.
Develops IP and technologies for nanosensors.
A manufacturer of precision optical instrumentation, specialising in Spectrophotometry systems for the non-contact measurement of thin film coatings.
Ardent is a collaboration between Semefab, iSLI and the SMC and has been specifically created to provide the bridge between a biotechnology idea, and a marketable product, helping biotechnology businesses to grow through innovative work in microelectromechanical systems and nanotechnology.
AssuredNano is the premier Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) accreditation scheme for organisations producing nanomaterials, nano-enabled products and users of nanotechnology in general.
Provides labelled and chemically modified oligonucleotide scaffolds for nanotechnology applications.
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