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A new theoretical development clarifies water's electronic structure

Scientists have decoded the electronic structure of water, opening up new perspectives for technological and environmental applications.

Today, 20:33 UTC

Steering and accelerating electrons at the microchip scale

Researchers are getting closer to building a tiny electron accelerator based on 'accelerator-on-a-chip' technology with broad potential applications in studying physics as well as medical and industrial uses.

Today, 18:53 UTC

Laser-focused look at spinning electrons shatters world record for precision

Nuclear physicists have shattered a nearly 30-year-old record for the measurement of parallel spin within an electron beam - or electron beam polarimetry, for short.

Today, 18:43 UTC

Metal scar found on cannibal star

White dwarfs cannibalize planets, leaving scars. Their magnetic fields play a key role, dragging planetary debris onto the stellar surface.

Today, 18:32 UTC

Graphene micro supercapacitors enhance flexibility and performance in wearable technology

Scientists leverage additive-free 3D printing process to construct exceptionally customizable and high-performing graphene-based micro-supercapacitors tailored for on-chip energy storage.

Today, 17:10 UTC

Sensing structure without touching

Touch sensors that don't even need direct contact offer new sensitivity for robotic 3D structure recognition and wireless transmission of data.

Today, 16:44 UTC

Researchers hacked a 3D printer to speed up fabrication of bioelectronics

The speed of innovation in bioelectronics and critical sensors gets a new boost with the unveiling of a technique for fast-prototyping of devices.

Today, 13:15 UTC

Novel method for easy and quick fabrication of biomimetic robots with life-like movement

Ultraviolet-laser processing is a promising technique for developing intricate microstructures, enabling complex alignment of muscle cells, required for building life-like biohybrid actuators.

Today, 10:20 UTC

Measuring the properties of light: Scientists realise new method for determining quantum states

For the first time, scientists are using certain photon detectors - devices that can detect individual light particles - for so-called homodyne detection.

February 25, 2024

Interface-engineered molybdenum oxide catalyst significantly boosts sustainable amine synthesis

Innovative defective carbon layer coatings that optimize molybdenum oxide grain interfaces substantially enhance reductive C-N coupling, enabling greener and more selective amine chemical synthesis.

February 25, 2024

Scientists closer to solving mysteries of universe after measuring gravity in quantum world

Physicists successfully detect weak gravitational pull on a tiny particle with new technique that uses levitating magnets.

February 23, 2024

New structural insights could lead to mechanical enhancement in alloys

A new class of metallic materials with potential applications in airplane turbines, nuclear reactors and equipment for space exploration can withstand extreme temperatures and resist fractures, but scientists haven't understood why until now.

February 23, 2024

Engineers 3D print the electromagnets at the heart of many electronics

The printed solenoids could enable electronics that cost less and are easier to manufacture - on Earth or in space.

February 23, 2024

Flexible sensor uniquely mimics complex touch and perception of human skin

Nnew stretchable biomimetic multimodal receptor built with kirigami film engineering and thermoelectric nanomaterials can switch between 2D and 3D modes to detect range of stimuli.

February 23, 2024

Lab-spun sponges form perfect scaffolds for growing skin cells to heal wounds

A new technique for electrospinning sponges has allowed scientists to directly produce 3D scaffolds - on which skin grafts could be grown from the patient's own skin.

February 23, 2024

Polymer-based tunable optical components

A novel metasurface that can be switched with light

February 23, 2024

James Webb telescope detects traces of neutron star in iconic supernova

Scientists can finally show that a neutron star formed from our most well-studied supernova, SN 1987A. The breakthrough was made possible thanks to the James Webb telescope.

February 22, 2024

Photon upconversion: Steering light with supercritical coupling

Researchers have unveiled a novel concept termed 'supercritical coupling' that enables several folds increase in photon upconversion efficiency. This discovery not only challenges existing paradigms, but also opens a new direction in the control of light emission.

February 22, 2024