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Plastic waste comes back in black as pristine graphene

In a process they call ACDC, researchers expose plastic waste to around eight seconds of high-intensity alternating current, followed by the DC jolt. The products are high-quality turbostratic graphene, a valuable and soluble substance that can be used to enhance electronics, composites, concrete and other materials, and carbon oligomers, molecules that can be vented away from the graphene for use in other applications.

Oct 30th, 2020

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Smart fluorescent molecular switches based on boron-based compounds

Scientists have developed extremely stable molecular switches of high luminosity that self-assemble into 1D nanostructures and form gel-like materials. These molecular switches can be used in biomedicine as fluorescent probes for imaging or sensing, in fluorescent displays, or in memories and information processing devices.

Oct 29th, 2020

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