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Nanowerk is committed to educate, inform and inspire about nanosciences, nanotechnologies and other emerging technologies. As the leading nanotechnology and nanosciences portal, delivers useful, entertaining and cutting-edge information from all things nano. Unlike other sites that just link to third-party content, Nanowerk has become the premier nanotechnology portal due to the depth, rich scope and relevance of our unique editorial content and the comprehensive resources that we put at users' fingertips.
Editorial content
One of the most popular features on Nanowerk is our Spotlight section – our daily Nanowerk-exclusive feature article. We look behind the buzz and hype to inform our readers on what's hot and new from around the globe. Some stories are more like an introduction to nanoscience, some are about understanding current developments, and some are advanced reviews of leading-edge nanotechnology research.
Almost every Spotlight is crafted in cooperation with the authors of a scientific paper. Spotlight essays appear every workday, and so far we have done well over 2,500 of them. Scientists appreciate the publicity they receive through our articles and in turn help spread the word about Nanowerk among their colleagues and scientific communities.
Well over 150 scientists and institutions have written guest articles for our Spotlight series.
News coverage
On average we run well over 100 news articles every week. For the convenience of our readers, the nanotechnology news section is separated into Business News and Research & General News; this is complemented by news sections for cleantech, biotech, robotics, space, and tech gadgets.
The Spotlight and News sections draw over 60% of the Nanowerk page views and have become a valuable resource for business insiders as well as scientists, engineers and officials from various public and government bodies.
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Nanomaterial Database™
Our unique Nanomaterial Database™ is a powerful, free tool for the nanotechnology community to research nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles or quantum dots from over 175 suppliers worldwide. Currently, the database contains over 5,800 nanomaterials.
nanoJOBS is Nanowerk's free job posting service for employers. Like all other Nanowerk databases and directories, the nanoJOBS database is freely accessible. We regularly carry dozens of open job offers from academic and industrial employers.
Directories, calendars, etc.
  • We maintain the largest, best-structured and easy to navigate free links directory with over 3,100 links to nanotechnology companies, laboratories, networks and associations (moreover, our commercial links are only business-to-business and don't include consumer products). No other directory provides the structure and convenience of our industry directory
  • Our compilation of nanotechnology related degree programs around the globe contains almost 280 links to bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs.
  • An extensive nanotechnology conference calendar that we believe is the most complete events directory for the nanoscience and nanotechnology community
  • Our "Nano Tube" video library with dozens of animations and videos about nanotechnology research, speeches and lectures
  • A report library with about 150 noteworthy industry reports and documents from the past few years as free downloads
  • A periodicals directory that lists the 270+ magazines and journals that now cater to the nanotechnology community
  • Various other compilations such as an encyclopedia, important blogs, and a section we simply call 'neat stuff'
  • Nanotechnology Introduction
    Especially for smaller companies that are not directly involved in nanotechnologies yet struggle to understand the concepts and opportunities – and for all other newcomers to the field – we have created a comprhensive introduction section, complete with a Carbon Nanotube 101.
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