nanoRISK Newsletter

2009 Issues

2009/1 (February/March)
  • Investigating Potential Nanorisks at the Bottom of the Food Chain
  • Nanotechnology Litigation: Winning the War Before it Starts
  • Governing the Risks of Nanotechnology in Food and Cosmetics
  • EC Awards €3.4M to Study Toxicity of Nanomaterials
  • EPA Releases Nanomaterial NMSP Interim Report
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    2009/2 (April/May)
  • How Adequate is Current Nanotechnology regulation?
  • Exploring Nanotechnology's Impact on Major Food Crops
  • Nanosilver in Food Storage Materials Found to Interfere With DNA Replication
  • European Food Safety Authoriy Publishes Opinion on Nanotechnology Risks
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  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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    2009/3 (June/July)
  • Size Matters. Comparing the Toxicity of Micro- and Nanoparticles
  • OECD Launches Database on Research Into the Safety of Engineered Nanomaterials
  • Novel Technique for Real-Time Detection of Carbon Nanotubes in the Body
  • Funding Opportunity: Environmental Behavior, Bioavailability and Effects of Manufactured Nanomaterials
  • Europe Launches Novel Integrated Approach to Nanoparticle Risk Assessment
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    2009/4 (August/September)
  • Nanotechnology - The Things We Don't Know
  • Not So Green Nanomanufacturing
  • Cellular Toxicity of Titanium Nanotubes And Nanowires
  • Approaches to Safe Nanotechnology
  • Workplace Exposures to Nanoparticles
  • New Design Methods Could Lead to Safer Nanomaterials
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    2009/5 (October/November)
  • The EPA Sharpens Its Focus on Nanotechnology
  • Nanoparticles' Random Walk Has Implications for Nanotoxicology
  • Researchers in China Link Nanoparticle Exposure to Lung Failure Deaths
  • Article Reviews Landscape of Current Nanoparticle Risk and Regulation
  • Researchers pinpoint Neural Nanoblockers in Carbon Nanotubes
  • EPA Announces Research Strategy to Study Nanomaterials
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  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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    2009/6 (December/January 2010)
  • How Nanotechnologies Might Challenge The Notion Of Consumer Rights
  • The Behavior Of Silver Nanotextiles During Washing
  • Nanoparticles Used In Common Household Items Caused Genetic Damage In Mice
  • Inhaled Carbon Nanotubes Can Affect the Lining of Lungs
  • Nanoparticles Can Damage DNA Across Cellular Barrier
  • EPA Funding Opportunity
  • NIEHS Increases Grants
  • European Environment Bureau Assesses Critical Nanotechnology Governance Issues
  • Managing Nanoparticle Waste From Consumer Products
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  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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