University of Washington - NanoTech User Facility (NTUF)

The NanoTech User Facility (NTUF) is available to both academic and industrial users nationwide. NTUF houses leading-edge instruments for characterization and fabrication at the micro- and nanoscales. Imaging tools include a field-emission scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) with tomography capability, a field-emission scanning electron microscope (SEM) with energy-dispersed spectrometry, a laser scanning confocal microscope, a Raman confocal microscope, a fluorescence microscope, and two Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs). Fabrication tools include a fully equipped soft lithography shop and electron beam lithography capability in the SEM.

Address: Fluke Hall, Room 117
City: Seattle
State/Province: Washington
Postcode: 98195-2140
Country/Region: USA
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