Don't dump your excess nanomaterials - share them online

(Nanowerk News) Here is a great initiative started by researchers and developers from the University of Toronto with support from MaRS Discovery District and University of Toronto Green Chemistry Initiative.
Nanosupply provides an easy and safe platform to source and share advanced materials for research and education. The team's mission is to encourage collaboration, help researchers and science educators save time and money, and decrease research originated waste.
What can you use it for?
Researchers: Got nanomaterial samples in your lab that you no longer need? Don’t dump it in the waste! We offer a free and easy way to share advanced materials for peer collaboration, non-profit R&D donation, or educational purposes. List them, get contacted by the potential adopter, and ship the samples using our platform.
Do you need an advanced nanomaterial for a research project?
Browse and compare free peer-shared nanomaterials to find the right one for you. nanosupply aims to make the search as pain free as possible with a feedback system that helps simplify your selection.
Educators: Get cutting-edge materials for demonstration and lab use for free from scientists at research institutions and universities.
Source: Nanosupply
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