Responsibility in nanotechnology development

(Nanowerk News) Responsibility in Nanotechnology Development , from the The International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology series, disentangles the complex meanings of responsibility in nanotechnology development by focusing on its theoretical and empirical dimensions.
Responsibility in Nanotechnology Development
The book inquires about the relationship between the field of nanotechnology and the concept of responsibility.

It offers an interdisciplinary focus on the connection between technology innovation and its social, ethic and philosophical implications.

The authors address both empirical and theoretic levels, offers numerous case studies and reconnects concepts with practical analysis.

The notion of responsibility is extremely diversified in the public discourse of nanoscale technologies. Addressed are major disciplinary perspectives working on nanotechnology, e.g. philosophy, sociology, and political science, as well as the major multidisciplinary areas relevant to the innovation process, e.g. technology assessment and ethics.

Furthermore, the interplay between such expertises, disciplines, and research programmes in providing a multidisciplinary understanding of responsibility is emphasized.
Source: Springer
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