Speakers announced for European - US Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference

(Nanowerk News) The Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference has announced speakers for its 2015 Conference, to be held in Venice from 9-11 March 2015. Confirmed speakers include:
  • – Antonio Marcomini, Università Ca’ Foscari VeneziaSNO conference
  • – Danail Hristozov, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia
  • – Elena Semenzin, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia
  • – Socorro Vázquez-Campos, LEITAT Technological Center
  • – Barbara Karn, Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization
  • – Omowunmi Sadik, SUNY-Binghamton, & Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization
  • – Wendel Wohlleben, BASF
  • – Teresa Fernandes, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
  • – Michael Steinfeldt, University of Bremen
  • – Bernd Nowack, EMPA
  • – Vicki Stone, Heriot-Watt University
  • – Janeck Scott-Fordsmand, Aarhus University
  • – Flemming Cassee, RIVM
  • – Ineke Malsch, Malsch TechnoValuation
  • – Anna Costa, ISTEC
  • – Terry Wilkins, University of Leeds
  • – Derk Brower, TNO
  • – Keld Alstrup Jensen, National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark
  • The Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference is a forum for nanotechnology researchers, industry, and regulators to present and discuss research findings on the interface between nanotechnology and sustainability. Jointly organized by the US Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO), and two large EU research projects, SUN and GUIDEnano, the Conference will cover perspectives on the implications and applications of nanotechnology provided by leading experts in the EU and US.
    “The Conference is a great opportunity both for academia and industry to explore the environmental, societal and economic aspects of sustainable nanotechnologies. We from the EU FP7 SUN Sustainable Nanotechnologies Project are extremely proud to host this conference in co-operation with the GUIDEnano project and with SNO,” says Dr Danail Hristozov, Principal Investigator of the SUN Project.
    The Conference will address critical aspects of sustainable nanotechnology such as life cycle thinking; environmental release and fate of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs); environmental, occupational and consumer exposure to ENM; environmental and human health impacts of ENMs; safe production, handling and disposal of ENMs; regulatory and industrial decision support for sustainable nanotechnologies; nanotechnology applications for sustainability; societal implications of nanotechnology and curriculum and training for sustainable nanotechnology.
    The Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference is now open for registration. Abstracts can be submitted till 10th December 2014.
    For a detailed programme and further information click here.
    About the Organisers
    SUN – Sustainable Nanotechnologies Project - an EU FP7 project, aiming to develop strategies and objectives for safe nanoscale product and process design covering the complete lifecycle and to include the results in guidelines for industries.
    Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO), a USA based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainable nanotechnology through education, research, and responsible development.
    GUIDEnano - an EU FP7 project aiming at the assessment and mitigation of NM-enabled product risks on human and environmental health and will develop new strategies with the final aim of creating a web-based guidance tool for nanotech industries.
    Source: SUN
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