Biosensors get a boost from graphene partnership

(Nanowerk News) The Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly) today announced it is partnering with Graphene Frontiers, LLC, a world leader in the production of graphene for commercial and industrial applications, to develop next generation graphene-based processes, technologies, and techniques that will enable revolutionary innovation in the electronics industry. The collaboration will spur significant investment and job creation, including a $5 million investment at the Albany Nanotech Complex.
“This is an incredible opportunity for New York State to continue leading the charge in the development of next generation technologies, and a testament to the global reputation Governor Andrew Cuomo has built for this state as the leader in nanotechnology,” said Dr. Michael Liehr, CNSE Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology and Vice President for Research. “Graphene Frontiers has pioneered some industry changing technology and has chosen CNSE for collaboration on fabrication and production processes, thanks to our collection of world-class tools and expertise. We welcome them to the Albany Nanotech Complex and look forward to continued growth and expansion.”
“A partner like the State University of New York’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering will rapidly accelerate our development efforts,” Graphene Frontiers CEO Mike Patterson said. “We look forward to sharing our vetted knowledge and resources, as well as exposing ourselves to key stakeholders who can further our company vision.”
The partnership will leverage Graphene Frontiers’ graphene growth technique with CNSE’s process integration, development, and analysis capabilities to establish 300mm fabrication processes for production of the company’s graphene biosensor. A dedicated 300 mm graphene growth and transfer production line for wafer scale graphene supply will also be established. This collaboration benchmarks the next step in bringing graphene and graphene device applications to commercial markets. These capabilities will enable tech companies with the means for advancing next generation electronics and to realize the vision of graphene. The project will support 27 employees and $5,000,000 in investments consisting of tools and related equipment and operating costs, and enables additional employment opportunities for both CNSE and Graphene Frontiers.
Graphene Frontiers has developed an innovative and exclusive manufacturing process that makes it economically viable for tech companies to begin using graphene, the revolutionary nanomaterial with potential for disrupting numerous industries with its unique electrical and mechanical properties. Among graphene’s many applications are advanced chemicals and biosensors, where the material offers distinct advantages in medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring. Graphene Frontiers has pioneered this cutting-edge sensor nanotechnology and has chosen to collaborate with CNSE on its widespread introduction to the global marketplace.
Source: SUNY Polytechnic Institute
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