Summary of the Spring 2014 NanoSafety Cluster Database Survey

(Nanowerk News) The NanoSafety Cluster Database working group organized in Spring 2014 a survey for the community to summarize the current state of databases and including questions of a more technical nature.
This survey was started by the Database working group to get more information about existing nanomaterial and nanotoxicology databases than previous available, e.g. via the NanoSafety Cluster Compendium. Similar efforts have been made, but none that focus on more technical aspects. However, as interoperability becomes increasingly useful and practiced, the Database working group is interested in these aspects.
This survey is a first in a biannual continuous effort and attempt to collect, organise and share up-to-date information about NanoSafety related databases worldwide. For example, it included questions about application programming interfaces, database schema, supported input and output formats, etc.
This document – Summary of the Spring 2014 NSC Database Survey (pdf) – summarizes the responses received before August 2014.
Source: NanoSafety Cluster
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