NanoTechValley - a reference platform for collaboration in nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Following a conception period in close connection with innovation and nanotechnology professionals, NanoThinking now offers NanoTechValley: a collaborative platform dedicated to providers and users of nanotechnology, designed for two purposes: to stimulate the emergence of R&D projects and to offer access to cutting edge equipment proposed by the community.
A simple and entirely free tool
“Currently in a phase of emergence, the field of nanotechnology is still very atomized. This reality hampers the combination of the skills, projects and activities enclosed inside laboratories and industrial firms. The idea at the origin of our project was therefore to create a web platform which features would be designed specifically to foster the emergence of collaborative projects and arrange the meeting of offers and needs” explains Thomas Dubouchet, CEO at Nanothinking.
In order to address the needs of its future users, the platform includes the following features: secure access, possibility to share documents and hold discussion with multiple users, custom privacy settings and an invitation based system which will facilitate new participations in projects proposed by the community.
Sharing and broadcasting within the nano’ community
Users can easily access information that matters to them thanks to a segmentation covering 18 themes and a research engine.
In addition, all members on NanoTechValley have a personal dashboard which allows them to visualize in just the blink of an eye their activity and manage their interactions with the community.
A major asset of NanoTechValley consists in the ability to broadcast contributions made by members within the ecosystem in order to maximize contact with potential partners and clients.
Organizing the meeting of offer and demand to make access to cutting edge equimpent easier
NanoTechValley makes it possible for labs, research facilities and specialized companies to present their offer of services to a targeted community of interested actors. “The objective is that an industrial be able to access far more easily a characterization tool as highly specialized as an Atomic Force Microscope for example” comments enthusiastically Pierre Gobet Lalanne, NanoTechValley project manager.
On the whole, NanoTechValley develops collaborations between professors in nanosciences and nanotechnology, researchers, engineers and more generally between all providers and users of nanotechnology by enabling them to access and contribute to a global network of scientific projects and specialized services.
Diversifying partner and client networks thanks to a new way of provoking meetings
Research and Industry both need modern tools to forge the bonds that are essential to their respective futures. In this context, NanoTechValley’s “bottom-up” approach complements the “top-down” approach usually put forward by institutional structures.
Source: NanoThinking
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