Spain nanotechnology at nano tech 2015

(Nanowerk News) The Phantoms Foundation and ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, in cooperation with the Embassy of Spain (Economic and Commercial Office) in Tokyo bring together, for the eighth time, a nanoscience and nanotechnology Pavilion at nano tech 2015 (Spanish Pavilion - East Hall 6/Booth 6P-23).
Spanish Pavilion Exhibitors
Phantoms Foundation -
Nanoscience and nanotechnology project management, congress and fair organization.
Graphenea -
Graphenea produces chemically exfoliated graphene to meet market demand for high quality - cost effective graphene; CVD grown graphene films used in R&D for electronics, solar cells, ultracapacitors, batteries, membranes, touch-screens, and others. The company is specialized in developing custom graphene materials for diverse applications. Grapehena is looking for partners to work on development projects.
Multidisciplinary organisation with 128 centres located nationwide dedicated to research and technology development. For this edition nano tech 2015 , CSIC brings a renewed set of technological offers for applications in several areas including developments in aeronautic and space, biomedical, jewellery and ornaments, orthopaedic implants, coatings, graphene obtaining, etc.
Simple and complex nano-oxides, and a wide range of products based on nano-particles which can be produced at industrial scale. High production capacity (from grams to tons), and an always outstanding quality enables TECNAN to work with customers from all over the world.
Graphenstone is the world's first range of paints, adhesives, sizes, facings and insulators using graphene technology. Our formulations improve properties exponentially principally in terms of savings of in material consumption since we use nanometric scales resulting in superior strength, resistance, elasticity, homogeneity, thermal conductivity and anti-corrosion properties.
Invest in Spain-ICEX -
Invest in Spain, Directorate in charge of Foreign Investment housed in the public Agency ICEX SPAIN TRADE AND INVESTMENT offers Strategic information and services to develop New Industrial Cooperative Projects and Investment into Spain, specially those projects incorporating nanotechnology to products or to manufacturing processes.
Source: Phantoms Foundation
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