Europeans discuss application of graphene in defence

(Nanowerk News) Graphene is a new material with a wide range of extraordinary properties (lightweight, high strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, etc.). It is widely expected to lead to new and improved applications for defence. On 2 June, 25 experts from Ministries of Defence, European entities, industry and academia participated in an EDA workshop to discuss current and future areas of application of graphene in defence at the Swedish Defence Research Agency FOI in Linköping.
Graphene has a wide number of potential applications interesting for defence such as advance camouflage systems and lighter or stronger protections. The objective of the workshop was to gather experts in related fields to discuss possible future defence applications and areas of applicability of graphene technologies.
The discussion was focused on how to enhance composites and coatings by including graphene and on its possible use in adaptive camouflage, due to its thermal and electrical conductivity properties, and protection systems, based on its strength and low weight.
The outcomes of the workshop will be further analysed to identify how graphene technology can support the EDA Capability Development Plan (CDP), taking into account the Materials & Structures CapTech Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), and if possible, to create a technology roadmap towards achieving the required maturity of graphene based applications for defence.
Source: European Defence Agency
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