Spain creates the AEINA nanotechnology industry association

(Nanowerk News) On 30 June 2016, following several months of negotiations, Spain’s AEINA nanotechnology industry association was officially incorporated.
AEINA logo
Mr Laureano Turienzo, Managing Director of ADParticles, was appointed association president while Ms Raquel del Amo, Operations Manager of Nanotech Enterprise, assumed the role of vice-president. Executives representing other industry stakeholders will make up the rest of the governing board, with Spain’s national research council, the CSIC, having two representatives at the table.
Unlike other European countries, until now Spain lacked an association that pooled the interests of firms working in sectors in which nanotechnology plays a significant role. After a string of meetings, a group of Spain’s leading firms — many with sales operations at home and abroad — agreed to join forces to create the association.
Its main objectives will be to support the sector’s companies, aiding development of nanotechnology-based innovations that enhance consumers’ quality of life, and to raise awareness in Spain about how nanotechnology contributes to society and helps build a better world. The nanotechnology sector is tipped to expand enormously in coming years and will play a key role in developing and upgrading Spain’s technology.
Estimates currently rank Spain as the world’s ninth-biggest nanotechnology power. Most of the sector’s companies specialise in nanomaterials, nanocompounds, nanoparticles and nanomedicine.
The global nanotechnology industry already generates billions of euros’ revenue and over the next few years it is set to become one of the world’s most dynamic sectors. Every single G20 country has made nanotechnology a cornerstone of future development.
The association is officially expected to go into operation in September this year and over the next few months it plans to apply to join the leading international organisations defending the sector’s interests and driving its development.
Source: AEINA