Nanosurf introduces the leading solution for correlative AFM-SEM-EDX analysis (w/video)

(Nanowerk News) The combination of complementary techniques is a key success factor for gaining new insights into the micro and nano worlds.
AFSEM™ enables you to easily combine three of the most powerful analysis techniques available — atomic force microscope (AFM), SEM, and EDX — to greatly extend your correlative microscopy and analysis possibilities.
This recorded webinar by Nanosurf and GETec explores the recent advances in correlative AFM-SEM-EDX analysis and shows how to combine these techniques in an interactive experiment.
Topics covered include:
  • Introduction and overview of the AFSEM™ system
  • Compatibility to existing SEMs and additional add-ons (e.g. tensile stages or nanoindenters)
  • Recent application advances (e.g. in situ roughness and conductivity analysis, correlative SEM/EDX/AFM, 3D tomography)
  • Experts answer application and instrumentation questions by viewers towards the end of the video.
    Source: Nanosurf (press release)
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