European Union launches 'Observatory for Nanomaterials' website

(Nanowerk News) The European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials website is now online.
Here you can find information about existing nanomaterials on the EU market. Whether you are developing policies in the area, a consumer or representing industry or a green NGO, the information on European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) offers interesting reading about the safety, innovation, research and uses of nanomaterials.
What are nanomaterials? They are particles that are so small that we can only see them using a microscope. And nanomaterials are everywhere. They are in nature itself, easily carried away by the wind as for example pollen and sand. But they are also increasingly present in our daily lives through consumer products. Being small sometimes means that they also behave differently compared to the same substance in bigger sizes, which may influence the potential risk.
The EUON is a new initiative and funded by the EU Commission. It will grow over the years to come as we expand the content of the platform further. You, as a reader, will have an important role to play in this as we can only achieve the ambitious goal of increasing the transparency of nanomaterials on the EU market by ensuring that all perspectives are taken into account. EUON is hosted and maintained by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
Source: European Union