European Forum on Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy

(Nanowerk News) Join Bruker-Anasys Instrument for the 3rd annual European Forum on Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy in the UK to discover and share cutting edge research and ideas in nanoscale IR research.
This year Anasys is proud to be partnering with National Physical Laboratory to host the event, where attendees will be able to address the impacts of nanoIR spectroscopy in the fields of materials, life sciences, polymers and more.

Key Topics

  • The latest discoveries made using photothermal-based nano and sub-micron IR spectroscopy
  • Technological advancements made in the nanoIR community
  • The forum includes new technology developments and exiting application discoveries made made using photothermal-based nanoIR spectroscopy and scattering SNOM:
  • Lectures by renowned researchers in nanoIR spectroscopy
  • A poster competition - win an iPad
  • An evening event to meet and network with the nanoIR community
  • Demonstrations highlighting new Anasys/Bruker technology advances
  • *Attendees are encouraged to submit an abstract for poster presentation. Bruker will have a poster competition for this year's EFNS, the winner will get an iPad!

    Invited Speakers

  • Dr Francesco Simon Ruggeri – University of Cambridge
  • Dr Suzanne Morsch – University of Manchester
  • Dr Tom Hauffman – The Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Dr Valeria Giliberti – Italian Institute of Technology
  • Dr Kwiatek Wokciech – Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Dr Heinz Sturm – Federal Institute of Material Research and Testing
  • Dr Curtis Marcott – Light Light Solutions
  • Prof Alex Dazzi – University of Paris-Sud
  • Miriam Unger – Bruker-Anasys
  • Contact for more information: Yan LIU ([email protected])
    Source: Bruker
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