Apply now for free access to nano-surface and membrane up-scaling and test facilities

(Nanowerk News) The NewSkin Open Innovation Test Bed has opened its second call for access to nano-surface and membrane up-scaling and test facilities.
The EU-funded project is offering unique pilot scale prototyping, upscaling, and testing facilities as well as route to market services and access to investors in the nano-surface and membrane materials and technology sectors across Europe.
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End-users, producers, and developers (including research labs, start-ups, and SMEs) in the following fields are encouraged to explore NewSkin facilities and services, and apply for free open access:
  • Nano-enabled coatings and nanoparticles for corrosion protective coatings, barrier, photocatalytic, heat reflective, intumescent, tribological, EMI shielding, conductive and other applications.
  • Functional nano-textures and surfaces for sustainable construction, energy storage, corrosion, ice, fouling, microbial and wear protection, tribological, heat transfer, optical, electrical, and biocompatible applications.
  • Components working in dynamic conditions under wear, friction, vibrations, and corrosion including cryogenic, vacuum, and high temperature such as gears, shafts, dynamic seals.
  • Components exposed to harsh environments such as offshore structural elements, wind blades, wings, turbine blades, marine hulls, propellers, pumps, and other components.
  • Selective and anti-fouling membranes and mono-atomic graphene membranes: Scale-up and test facilities for gas/water permeation media: improved selectivity, anti-fouling, anti-microbial, mono-atomic graphene membranes, graphene oxide including pore and functional layer creation.
  • Miscellaneous functional layers: textures and coatings to enhance different products including, optical, medical, electronics, heat exchange, barrier for sustainable packaging and other functional applications.
  • Nano-enabled surfaces and membranes have huge potential to increase the performance of materials used in many sectors, including renewable energy, electronics, construction, transport, prosthesis, water treatment and industrial components.
    These Key Enabling Technologies will be the driving force behind many of the goods and services that will be available to the market over the next decade. The main challenge is sustainable, cost-effective upscaling and deployment of these nanotechnologies, which would lead to more wide-spread adoption, reduced energy consumption, and economic gains throughout Europe.
    The NewSkin services offered are expected to accelerate the launch of novel nanomaterials and membranes, and commercial or personal products using these advanced materials. Advancing the performance and durability of materials will enhance many components including green technologies, addressing several Sustainable Development Goals and leading to positive impacts for society overall.
    The deadline for applications is 29 July 2022. Check the NewSkin facilities overview presentation and visit for more details on the services available.
    To apply, please make an initial enquiry with the team on [email protected] to discuss tailoring the services for your potential application. Next, sign up here to the NewSkin platform and complete the short online application form. Applicants can request an NDA before completing the open call application - please include this in your initial enquiry.
    Source: NewSkin Open Innovation Test Bed
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