Nanotechnology in Delaware – companies, research, and degree programs

Nanotechnology companies in Delaware

Altogether there are 8 companies in Delaware with a nanotechnology focus.
Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine Companies
ANP's mission is to develop cutting-edge technology platforms at the nano/bio interface and apply them in market sectors such as diagnostics/biodetection, protein/drug discovery, therapeutics, chem/bio defense, and homeland security.
The company has active internal drug discovery programs focused on the identification of novel small molecule drugs for oncology, inflammation, HIV and diabetes.
Nanotechnology Products, Applications & Instruments Companies
DuPont Semiconductor Materials delivers solutions to meet the technology roadmap requirements of IC fabricators, leading-edge device manufacturers, and OEM's.
Empower Materials Inc. produces the QPAC® line of carbon dioxide-based polymers used for improving manufacturing technologies. Empower Materials Inc. was founded in 1991 as PAC Polymers Inc. and changed its name in 2001 to reflect the broadening of its application focus beyond binders for ceramic green tapes. Their main products are QPAC®25 and QPAC®40-high molecular weight thermoplastics.
The company is developing a new generation of advanced nonlinear electro-optic and all-optical organic polymers that can convert high-speed electronic signals into optical signals or allow light waves to switch other light waves.
Quantum Polymers provides engineering and high performance plastic stock shape products and engineering services for industrial applications.
The company develops and manufactures products in the area of chemical and biological separations (including carbon nanotubes), biosurfaces and proteomics.
Skyray XRF is the North American representative of Skyray Instrument, Inc. Established in 1990, Skyray Instrument, Inc specializes in X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) research, development, production and sales.
Nanotechnology Services & Intermediaries

Nanotechnology research organizations in Delaware

There are 2 university and college research labs in Delaware with a nanotechnology focus.
Here is a complete list of all non-commercial nanotechnology organizations in Delaware, sorted alphabetically.
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