Nanotechnology in Denmark – companies, research, and degree programs

Nanotechnology companies in Denmark

Altogether there are 13 companies in Denmark with a nanotechnology focus.
Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine Companies
The combination of a protected blood transporting nanocarrier system and a tumor specific activation technology makes LiPlasome Pharma very competitive in a commercially attractive and dynamic anticancer market, where drug delivery systems will gain increasing importance over the coming years.
A highly specialized research and development company that focuses on developing medical diagnostic devices. The range of skills within RD Support enables efficient Design for Manufacture (DFM) product development.
Nanotechnology Products, Applications & Instruments Companies
The company is committed to revolutionizing water purification through bionanotechnology with the development of a highly water-selective membrane.
The company offers 3D printers specialised in rapid prototyping of micro and nanodevices. The printers can also easily reproduce #microdevices with multiple materials.
CAPRES develops new technology for direct nano- and micro-scale electrical characterization of materials.
A Danish Labtech company that develops digital laboratory analysis and diagnostics for the smart lab of the future.
FOM Technologies specializes in R&D equipment for coating and testing of functional organic materials with emphasis on the organic photovoltaic field.
Topsoe specialises in the production of heterogeneous catalysts and the design of process plants based on catalytic processes. Focus areas include the fertiliser industry, the chemical and petrochemical industries, and the energy sector (refineries and power plants). Topsoe has for many years dedicated large research efforts to nanoscience and nanotechnology. The efforts range from the development of novel preparation methods to theoretical and experimental investigations.
Nanoscale image processing software and 3D visualization.
InMold Biosystems proprietary technology offers a radical new approach to increase the functionality of plasticware. Biomolecules, like proteins, may be transferred to flat or structured surfaces in a pattern with nanometer sized details by micro contact printing.
The company sells stamps for nanoimprint lithography (NIL), provides imprint service, production by NIL, consultancy and enters into joint development of novel applications benefiting from nano-scale structures.
The company produces holographic masters and imprinting templates for security purposes as well as numerous light controlling applications for technical processes.
An innovative supplier of Corona and Plasma surface treatment technology to the printing, converting, and extrusion industries.
Nanotechnology Services & Intermediaries

Nanotechnology research organizations in Denmark

There are 23 university and college research labs in Denmark with a nanotechnology focus.
There are 8 degree programs in Denmark with a nanotechnology focus.
Here is a complete list of all non-commercial nanotechnology organizations in Denmark, sorted alphabetically.
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