Nanotechnology in Indiana – companies, research, and degree programs

Nanotechnology companies in Indiana

Altogether there are 6 companies in Indiana with a nanotechnology focus.
Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine Companies
PDS Biotechnology Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company applying the company's platform Versamune nanotechnology to a new class of safe, simple, potent and targeted immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.
The company is specialized in developing cutting-edge nanoparticle technologies for the development of targeted drug delivery systems.
Nanotechnology Products, Applications & Instruments Companies
Bangs Laboratories, Inc. is a supplier of uniform polymeric and silica nano- and microsphere products for diagnostic, research, and flow cytometry applications.
Nanochem Technologies is an industrial coatings manufacturer that provides solution-oriented services and products.
sp3 is a full service provider of products and services relating to thin-film and freestanding diamond deposition and other diamond materials.
Nanotechnology Services & Intermediaries
An independent analytical/contract research laboratory providing analytical services, research and consulting to developers, producers and users of advanced materials and devices.

Nanotechnology research organizations in Indiana

There are 14 university and college research labs in Indiana with a nanotechnology focus.
There are 1 initiatives and networks in Indiana with a nanotechnology focus.
There are 2 degree programs in Indiana with a nanotechnology focus.
Here is a complete list of all non-commercial nanotechnology organizations in Indiana, sorted alphabetically.
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