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Altogether there are 2 companies in Oklahoma with a nanotechnology focus.
NXTGEN NANOFIBER is an innovative technology company specializing in mass production of nanofibers for extensive end use applications including: air and microfiltration media, microporous breathable films, micron rated venting films, life sciences/pharmaceutical medias, and performance apparel. The company does extensive custom research, development and manufacturing for industry partners wanting to develop proprietary nanofiber technologies for specific applications and industries.
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The CSpace Volumetric Imaging System (static volume display technology) is the company's flagship technology that is being rapidly developed. CSpace uses a clear volumetric image space within which invisible nano-size up-conversion material is dispersed. A volumetric 3D image is rendered when invisible laser beams are precisely directed into the image space, exciting the nano-materials to emit visible light and thus display a full color, volumetric image.
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Here is a complete list of all non-commercial nanotechnology organizations in Oklahoma, sorted alphabetically.
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