Nanotechnology in Wisconsin – companies, research, and degree programs

Nanotechnology companies in Wisconsin

Altogether there are 9 companies in Wisconsin with a nanotechnology focus.
Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine Companies
Develops nanoparticle based in vivo delivery applications.
The company develops, produces and markets nanotechnologies for the life sciences. They produce a variety of nano-structured surfaces for use in research and are also developing a range of products that derive from a proprietary platform technology using liquid crystals for the rapid detection of molecular interactions.
Promega's products are used in life science research, particularly in genomics, proteomics, and cellular analysis to support molecular diagnostics and human identification.
Nanotechnology Products, Applications & Instruments Companies
The company provides organometallic precursor R&D and manufacturing, working with a wide range of organometallics, metals, air-sensitive materials, rare-earth derivatives, ligands and other building blocks used in deposition precursors for the production of electronics, photovoltaics, and fine and specialty chemicals.
InStep NanoPower have developed an inexpensive simple high-power energy harvester capable of converting mechanical energy to electrical power providing up to 20 Watts, which can dramatically extend the capabilities and operational times of a wide range of mobile electronic devices. The mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy by a novel microfluidic device through the interaction of thousands of liquid microdroplets with a groundbreaking nanostructured substrate.
A manufacturer of nanopositioning systems with sub-nanometer precision.
The company manufactures nanoparticle-based surface treatment for alloys in aggressive industrial conditions of elevated temperature and corrosion.
Develops nanopositioning tools.
SonoPlot provides innovative fluid dispensers and chemical surface treatments for microelectronics and the life sciences. The Microplotter line of dispensers can print microcircuitry on a desktop for research and development or deposit high-density grids of biomolecules such as DNA or proteins for fabrication of microarrays. A wide variety of materials can be treated with the SonoCoat surface modification process, producing ideal surfaces for adhering molecules in a microarray.
Nanotechnology Services & Intermediaries

Nanotechnology research organizations in Wisconsin

There are 4 university and college research labs in Wisconsin with a nanotechnology focus.
Here is a complete list of all non-commercial nanotechnology organizations in Wisconsin, sorted alphabetically.
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