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Inotera Memories, Inc. was founded as a joint venture by Qimonda AG and Nanya Technology Corporation. Inotera has started to transfer 80 nanometer process technology developed by Qimonda and 75/70 nanometer process technology co-developed by Nanya Tech and Qimonda.
Integrated Service Technology is one of the largest Reliability Engineering, IC Failure Analysis and Integration Project Service companies in the Asia-Pacific region. The company's broad integration project service portfolio includes developing leading testing, verification, evaluation, debugging, and analysis project service technologies: mastering advanced semiconductor nano-processes, protecting intellectual property and green environmental trends that combine electrical parameter analysis, reliability engineering and other technologies to provide the most timely high quality comprehensive service, accelerating customer product development and time to market plan.
Manufactures carbon nanotube field emission displays.
Nanoscale coating materials.
UMC is a world-leading semiconductor foundry, specializing in the contract manufacturing of customer designed ICs for high performance semiconductor applications.
A semiconductor foundry specializing in contract manufacturing of customer designed ICs.
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