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Concept for a European Infrastructure in Nanobiotechnology
Source: EuroNanoBio – Publication date: January 2010
The EuroNanoBio partners explored the definition, establishment and further development of a European scale infrastructure on nanobiotechnology and the associated realistic implementation plan. It aimed at defining not only the key features of a potential European infrastructure in nanobiotechnology, but it has also established the way it should be designed.

Envisioned Developments in Nanobiotechnology
Source: The Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis & Forecasting at Tel-Aviv University – Publication date: February 2006
A worldwide expert survey on 20 future developments in Nanobiotechnology has been conducted as part of the Foresight activity within the EU network of excellence "Nano-to-Life". 139 experts from 30 countries participated in the survey. For each development the experts assessed the likely year of realization, impact on science and technology, environment, quality of life and the labor market, and commercialization prospects in medicine, security, environment, agro-food and consumer products.

Molecular Electronics
Source: Physics Today – Publication date: May 2003
Improvements in our understanding of how molecules transport charge, and how they interface to the macroscopic world, are fueling new devices and applications.

Nanosystems Biology
Source: Molecular Imaging and Biology – Publication date: May 2003
This paper is a combination of three tutorials with an outlined series of technologies, including microfluidics, nanotechnologies, and molecular imaging methods, and the authors describe how their development should be driven by the needs of systems biology. They also discuss how these technologies can enable a systems biology approach through a pathway from single cells to mouse models of disease and finally to patients.

The use of nanocrystals in biological detection
Source: Nature Biotechnology – Publication date: January 2003
In the coming decade, the ability to sense and detect the state of biological systems and living organisms optically, electrically and magnetically will be radically transformed by developments in materials physics and chemistry.

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