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Cellulose Nanomaterials - A Path Towards Commercialization
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture – Publication date: August 2014
The U.S. Forest Service has released a report that details the pathway to commercializing affordable, renewable, and biodegradable cellulose nanomaterials from trees. Cellulosic nanomaterials are tiny, naturally occurring structural building blocks and hold great promise for many new and improved commercial products.

Chemical Industry R&D Roadmap for Nanomaterials By Design
Source: Chemical Industry Vision 2020 – Publication date: December 2003
Preliminary results from Chemical Industry Vision 2020 Technology Partnership's Nanomaterials and the Chemical Industry R&D Roadmap Workshop

Nanostructured Metamaterials
Source: NIMNIL – Publication date: August 2012
Four projects have been funded by the European Commission within the seventh Framework Program with the purpose to develop appropriate fabrication and characterisation technologies for nanostructured metamaterials: NIM_NIL, NANOGOLD, MAGNONICS, and METACHEM. The lists of exploitable results of the four projects (PDF) are presented in this report.

Nanotechnology Commercialization
Source: Nanoforum – Publication date: April 2004
This is a report of the Nanoforum workshop on the commercialisation challenges of nanotechnology. The workshop took place in Helsinki, Finland on March 29th 2007.

Nanotechnology in Construction
Source: ObservatoryNANO – Publication date: June 2009
This report provides information on the existing applications of nanotechnology in construction and the relevant existing products on the market. Being an enabling tool nanotechnology finds applications in many areas of construction. In the first year of ObservatoryNANO project this study has focused on construction ceramics, cement, glass, insulation systems and paints.

Research and Development of Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing and Applications
Source: World Technology Evaluation Center – Publication date: June 2007
This study focuses on the manufacturing and applications of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to identify recent progress in understanding the commercial potential of CNTs as viewed by academic, industrial, and government research facilities around the world. CNT manufacturing methods and equipment, processing and separation techniques, characterization procedures, and opportunities for international collaboration are highlighted in this study. These issues are also discussed in the context of leading electronic, optical, and mechanical applications of CNTs ranging from transistors to structural composites.

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