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Cancer Nanotechnology Plan
Source: NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer – Publication date: July 2004
The CNPlan describes how to accelerate the application of nanotechnology to cancer research and clinical care, emphasizing the need for cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaboration to develop and deliver the public health benefits.

Cutting nature's building blocks down to size
Source: TA Swiss – Publication date: December 2003
Abridged version of the TA-SWISS (Switzerland's Center for Technology Assessment) Study "Nanotechnology in Medicine"

European Technology Platform on NanoMedicine
Source: European Technology Platform NANOMEDICINE – Publication date: September 2005
Vision Paper and Basis for a Strategic Research Agenda for NanoMedicine in Europe. This European Technology Platform addresses ambitious, responsible research, development and innovation in Nanotechnology for Health to strengthen the competitive scientific and industrial position of Europe in the area of NanoMedicine and improve the quality of life and health care of its citizens.

Impact of Nanotechnology in Health and Medical Systems
Source: Nanoroadmap Project (NRM) – Publication date: December 2005
A 10 year (2006-2015) technology roadmap for Nanomedicine in Europe with a focus on four topics: Drug encapsulation/ drug delivery/ drug targeting; Molecular Imaging/ Biophotonics; Biochips/ High-Throughput Screening/ Lab-on-a-chip technology; Biomolecular Sensors.

Nanomedicine Taxonomy
Source: Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance – Publication date: February 2003
This document presents a nanomedicine taxonomy that describes some of the principal areas of nanotechnology and related small technology activities currently being undertaken in medicine and health care.

Nanomedicine- new solutions or new problems?
Source: Health Care Without Harm – Publication date: March 2014
This report from Health Care Without Harm gives an overview of nanomedicine in general with particular emphasis on environmental and human health risks, as well as raising regulatory issues that need to be addressed in order for nanomedicine to deliver on its promises without unduly introducing new risks.

Nanomedicine. An ESF-European Medical Research Councils (EMRC) Forward Look Report
Source: European Science Foundation – Publication date: December 2005
The report summarizes the results of a foresight study on developments in nanotechnologies for medical applications which was organised by ESF from 2003-2005. The study aimed to define the field; discuss the future impact of nanomedicine on healthcare practice and society; review the current state of the art of nanomedicines research; identify european strengths and weaknesses; deliver recommendations on future research trends, priorities for funding, the need for research infrastructure and how to communicate about it to the general public.

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology for Health - Strategic Research Agenda
Source: European Technology Platform NANOMEDICINE – Publication date: November 2006
The European Technology Platform on NanoMedicine is an industry-led consortium, bringing together the key European stakeholders in the sector. In September 2005 it delivered a common vision of this technologically and structurally multi-faceted area, and defines the most important objectives in this Strategic Research Agenda.

Nanotechnology and its Implications for the Health of the EU Citizen
Source: Nanoforum – Publication date: December 2003
This report focuses on those areas in which nanotechnology is having a direct impact and includes diagnostics, drug discovery and delivery, surgery, tissue engineering and implants.

Nanotechnology in Health, Medicine & Nanobio
Source: ObservatoryNANO – Publication date: June 2009
To better support policy and decision makers, this economic analysis focuses on nanotechnology applications that are on or near market. This report concentrates as a first step on three different sectors: in vivo imaging, dental filling materials and bone substitute materials.

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